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## Introduction
This CrefoPay plugin for Shopware 6 is now in an open BETA!
Before you use it keep in mind that means the plugin is still not complete and can also have some bugs.
That's why it's not suggested to use the plugin in productive environments, but at the end it's up to you.
We are currently developing on some more backend functionality like capture, refund and cancel.
Besides that we are already started planning to bring the plugin into the official Shopware 6 store.
Before using the module for Shopware 6, bear in mind that it is in open BETA status.
This means that the plugin is tested and functional in the basic functionalities, but there may still be minor errors.
We therefore recommend that you first install and test the plugin on a staging environment before taking it live.
Nevertheless, the plugin is already being used successfully in the shop by some retailers and we are currently actively
working on bringing the plugin into the official Shopware 6 store in the near future.
## Productive template installation via git
* Checkout this repository to `custom/plugins/CrefoPay`
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