Commit 96933fba authored by Daniel Kazior's avatar Daniel Kazior

[CREFOPAY-92] Adjust capture handling

- Add sorting for capture- and refund history
- Readd capture on transition
parent 283454ba
......@@ -97,7 +97,7 @@ phpunit:
- cd ${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/sw_dir/${SW_VERSION} && php ${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/sw_dir/${SW_VERSION}/psh.phar init
- cd ${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/sw_dir/${SW_VERSION} && composer install --prefer-dist --no-ansi --no-interaction --no-progress --optimize-autoloader --no-scripts
- php ${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/sw_dir/${SW_VERSION}/bin/console plugin:install --activate ${CI_PROJECT_NAME}
- php ${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/sw_dir/${SW_VERSION}/bin/console plugin:install --activate CrefoPay
- cd ${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/sw_dir/${SW_VERSION} && composer dump-autoload -d custom/plugins/${CI_PROJECT_NAME}
- cd ${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/sw_dir/${SW_VERSION} && php -d pcov.enabled=1 -d${CI_PROJECT_DIR}
......@@ -146,7 +146,7 @@ package:
- cd /tmp/opt/shopware/custom/plugins/${CI_PROJECT_NAME} && ${COMPOSER_COMMAND}
- cd /tmp/opt/shopware && php bin/console system:setup --database-url=mysql://${MYSQL_USER}:${MYSQL_PASSWORD}@mysql:3306/${MYSQL_DATABASE} --generate-jwt-keys -nq
- cd /tmp/opt/shopware && php bin/console system:install -fnq --create-database
- cd /tmp/opt/shopware && php bin/console plugin:refresh -nq && php bin/console plugin:install --activate -c ${CI_PROJECT_NAME} -nq
- cd /tmp/opt/shopware && php bin/console plugin:refresh -nq && php bin/console plugin:install --activate -c CrefoPay -nq
- cd /tmp/opt/shopware && bin/
- cd /tmp/opt/shopware && php bin/console theme:compile -nq
- rsync -r /tmp/opt/shopware/custom/plugins/${CI_PROJECT_NAME}/ ${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/
# v1.0.2
* Behebung eines Fehlers beim Doppelklick auf den Bestellabschluss-Button
* Behebung eines Fehlers bei der Warenkorbartikel Steuerberechnung
* Löschen von wichtigen Plugineinstellungsmöglichkeiten in der Administration verhindert
* Anpassung der Behandlung von möglichen Fehlern im Zahlungsprozess
# v1.0.1
# v1.0.2
* Fixing an error that occured during double-clicking on the order submit button
* Fixing an error with the delivery item tax calculation of the shopping cart
* Change handling of possible errors in payment process
* Prevent deletion of plugin critical configuration options in administration
# v1.0.1
* Fixing an error when calling the payment methods in the account area
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